About Us

About Us

M/s. Acesst Pharmatech Pvt Ltd

M/s. Acesst Pharmatech Pvt Ltd formerly known as Swami Samarth Pharmatech (SSP since 2009) was registered as private limited in Jun 2017. Acesst Pharmatech Pvt Ltd  is known for service organisation with presence in multiple countries providing Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance services to the Pharmaceutical and Medical device industry and assist in their Quality System Development efforts.

M/s. Acesst Pharmatech Pvt Ltd has group of vast experience professionals in pharmaceuticals and medical device to set up an independent, organization that provides global service at a local level. The company philosophy is to collaborate/ partner with sponsors on projects to assist at any stage of the trial process, ranging from protocol writing, Consultancy, Mock Audits, Third Party Audits, Due Diligence, Quality System Implementation, USFDA Remediation’s and Trainings.

At Acesst we have build our database of professionals consultants and resourcing based on the client's specific request and then continues to take an active interest in the projects from start to completion. Acesst assures the confidentiality of the outcomes of the audit and audit reports is extremely important as Acesst fosters a good relationship with the client. Acesst conducts your audit to check systems to make sure that there are no lapses in quality, and that the results will not be used in a way that publicly targets the auditee. Acesst maintains Integrity which is the most important characteristics of a good auditing organization, and maintaining integrity necessitates eliminating any conflicts of interest that may occur. The most common conflict of interest to arise for auditing organization is when they take responsibility for an area being audited Acesst team supports in setting up and maintaining Quality Management System (QMS) with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) defining how work tasks are carried out. Acesst can help to ensure you have fully controlled procedures, maintaining records of document versions, change history and scheduling regular system reviews. The Acesst team has extensive experience in auditing SOP systems. The team can help your company rationalise your systems and identify unnecessary duplication of activity, providing added value to your audit process.

Acesst team has experience in performing GMP audits for the manufacturers of Finished Products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Medical Device and distribution plants worldwide.


Our Mission Statement reflects our goals set forth since APPL inception:

" Acesst Pharmatech is committed to providing Regulatory,Projects & Audit support to the pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries in their endeavour towards innovation new of medicines for the benefit of mankind. Our focus is our client's needs and their goals ofbringing treatments for patients with unmet need."

Our Achievements

Achievement 1

Audited Top most companies in India and other countries for various standards.

Achievement 2

Consulted companies for USFDA compliance from facility upgrade, Quality Systems Implementation till audit completion.

Achievement 3

Project on Quality Systems implementation for Medical Devices ISO13485 right from scratch.

Achievement 4

Successful seminars on various regulations in different states of India.